Resolution ][ is a programmer's API library for developing Apple ][ software using the Apple ][ double-high-resolution graphics mode.

The double-high-resolution graphics mode provides the highest graphics quality for all 8-bit Apple ][ models. The Apple IIGS also supports double-high-resolution graphics, although it includes additional, higher-quality graphics capabilities. However, the Apple ][ BASIC and ROM interface does NOT provide any double-high-resolution graphics routines.

The double-high-resolution graphics mode presents a memory layout, pixel arrangement, and color determination that is nonlinear and follows a counterintuitive addressing convention. Because of this phenomenon, working with double-high-resolution graphics can be very difficult, even for simple tasks such as pixel and line rendering.

Resolution ][ aims to fills this gap by providing easy-to-use double-high-resolution graphics routines and primitives.

The goals for Resolution ][ are as follows:

Resolution ][ is Copyright (C) 2000 by Arthur Jerijian and distributed under a free software license agreement similar to the MIT License. Resolution ][ is conformant to the Open Source definition, as described at the Open Source Web page ( For a full copy of the license, click here.

The Resolution ][ package includes source code, 6502 binary images, Apple ][ memory dumps, and Apple ][ disk images.