The Resolution ][ library, and all applications built against Resolution ][, require an Apple ][ machine or emulator that supports the double-high-resolution graphics mode. The following systems are supported:

Building the Resolution ][ source code requires an MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh, or UNIX system capable of running the xa65 cross-assembler package (available at Currently, Resolution ][ can NOT be built on an Apple ][ machine unless the syntax for all directives in the source code is changed to match the format recognized by Apple ][ assemblers.

I develop and test Resolution ][ on a Linux system running the KEGS Apple IIGS emulator. Special thanks goes to Kent Dickey for creating this wonderful emulator. For more information, visit the KEGS emulator Web page (

I also test Resolution ][ using a real ROM 01 Apple IIGS. Other than some slight color variation observed with certain pixels, everything works identically to using Resolution ][ in an emulator.